Our sweet littlest man has apparently been traumatized. Several weeks ago, he was in the basement with the big kids when they were playing with our night vision goggles (that have blue lights on them) in the dark. He did not like them one bit. He would cry even just to see the goggles lying around and talk often about the blue lights that he calls “oo-ites.”  :). Sweet thing! Sometimes just out of the blue he will still say those words, like they torment him. Tonight the blue light of our fire has brought them to that adorable little mind again. How we love this kid! 


God’s Kindness to Us in Friends


  The last year or so has been an especially sweet one in the area of friendships for our kiddos. We have asked God  for some time to provide children for ours to enjoy, and the last year, we have seen answers. Sweet Christian neighbors now come over many afternoons to play, and dear friends at church are greatly enjoyed by my boys. And even our little daughter has some cute girly friends she loves. Thank you, Lord! 

I Love School! 


We are back at it! The semester has begun, and I think it’s safe to say we are ALL enjoying it!  :). 

We have decided to go through the YoungPeacemaker curriculum during our Bible time right now. It’s been great! This diagram about conflict is especially helpful…